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Just a kid from Syracuse, NY.

David first began speech therapy at the age of 4 with a therapist from the City of Syracuse School District. He was soon diagnosed with an articulation disorder. A few years later, his speech developed into a stutter and speech therapy continued until the start of Junior High. David struggled speaking throughout the early years of Jr/Sr. High and ultimately returned to speech therapy in 10th grade. This time, David’s parents sought assistance from the Gebbie Speech Clinic at Syracuse University where David worked with speech pathology students until he finished High School. Through hard work, David gained control of his speech and attended SUNY Oswego where he flourished. Upon completion of his Bachelor's degree he moved to Cortland, New York to attend Graduate School. It was here that his disfluencies increased and his stuttering returned. Knowing the value of therapy, David quickly sought out a speech therapist. He was assigned a student from the SUNY Cortland Communication Disorders and Sciences department who asked him to focus on self-acceptance. It was here David was first introduced to the National Stuttering Association (NSA). Upon the completion of his education, David returned to Syracuse where he began taking an active role in the local chapter of the NSA. It was at one of these early meetings that David met renounced fluency specialist, Sujini Ramachanar, who he began working 1:1 with. Over the next two years, Sujini helped prepare David for adulthood as a person who stutters. It was Sujini who first encouraged David to share his story through public speaking, inviting him to speak to a group of community members at a local library. Today, David continues taking on an active role with the NSA and shares his story to local institutions and organizations in an effort to spread awareness and education regarding fluency disorders.


Some videos of my public appearances

David promotes education and awareness of stuttering through his TEDxTalk from April 2014.

David discusses the National Stuttering Association with a local news affiliate in 2013.

David details his journey in speech therapy in this 2012 video.

Speaking Information

My history of public appearances

David Haas Syracuse Ted Talk

David is a person who stutters as well as a public speaker who specializes in stuttering and fluency disorders. He has over 15 years of experience as a student in speech therapy including time in Elementary School, High School, Graduate School and as a post-college Adult. David draws on his experiences in speech therapy as well as his life experiences as a person who stutters to provide educational and motivational presentations about various speech topics. He is available for in-services, speeches/presentations or consultation in expanding interest and knowledge on fluency disorders. David has presented to various groups including:
Syracuse University
Syracuse City School District
Elmcrest Children’s Center
Gebbie Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic
SUNY Oswego
Summer Adventures in Learning

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